Lin LiN LIN Liiiiiiiiiiinnnnn ~ !!! (niako) wrote,
Lin LiN LIN Liiiiiiiiiiinnnnn ~ !!!

Typical n00b idiot from Gaming Chat

GoCloudBit: hey
hentai cuddles: hi
GoCloudBit: that cool
hentai cuddles: ...
hentai cuddles: what is?
hentai cuddles: I haven't even said anything
GoCloudBit: got hentai pics
GoCloudBit: i tra
GoCloudBit: do u
hentai cuddles: ...
GoCloudBit: do u
hentai cuddles: no
GoCloudBit: damit u suck
GoCloudBit: yo
hentai cuddles: waht the fuk do you want
GoCloudBit: hentai
GoCloudBit: lol
hentai cuddles: then go fukin find some
hentai cuddles: -_-#
GoCloudBit: jackass

Being unsatisfied, the asshole proceeded to warn me 5 times.. at which time I blocked and warned him back.
If I should ever attempt to wonder why I hate Gaming Chat so much.. please do remind me of this
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